Amputees Find Freedom On A Surfboard

    AmpSurf™ is a non-profit organization that helps amputees find freedom on the water! It was established to promote, inspire, educate and rehabilitate (PIER™) adaptive surfing and other outdoor activities. Dana Cummings, Executive Director of Ampsurf, co-founded the organization in 2003 to teach adaptive surfing. Ampsurf has helped more than 200 disabled, Veteran and non-veteran, to […]



    Cancer Survivor Pedals Her Way To Health & Happiness!

    Happiness finds this cancer survivor with the help of her favorite hobby. Tracy Yost was diagnosed with cancer in 2015 when she was just 46-years-old. That’s when it hit her, life is too short to have a “suck the life out of you” career. While going to chemotherapy, Tracy realized she could have fun while […]



    This 60-Year-Old Skateboarder Is A Hero To At-Risk Kids!

    Neal Unger is a 60-year-old skateboarder who inspires kids to keep reaching for their dreams and taking risks! Through skateboarding and work he does with the Next Up Foundation, which is a nonprofit for kids, he is truly an inspiration. The foundation helps kids reach their goals through skateboarding and after school programs. Neal is […]



    Country Music Camp: Lifting Lives Of Teens With Williams Syndrome

    Music has the power to heal! ACM Lifting Lives® is the philanthropic arm of the Academy of Country Music dedicated to improving lives through the power of music. ACM Lifting Lives partners with the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center to hold a weeklong camp open to musically talented persons with Williams syndrome from around the country. Throughout […]



    Wheelchair Tennis Champion Serves Up Aces & Inspiration

    One day in 1995, David Wagner broke his neck in a freak accident at the beach. His life was then changed forever — paralyzed from the mid-chest down and with limited feeling in his hands, David started a rehab program which included playing table tennis. Realizing he had a special talent with a racquet, David […]


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