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    Dance For Kindness Around The World! #InternationalDanceDay

    International Dance Day takes place on April 29th! Our favorite dance event would have to be when Life Vest Inside dances for kindness around the world! They dance to show that regardless of the differences in race, religion, ethnicity, culture and background – the common thread that unites us all is kindness. Their 2015 event […]



    Pet Photo Booth Helps Shelter Dogs Get Adopted

    Saturday, April 30th is Adopt A Shelter Pet Day! Have you ever found it difficult to connect with a pet in a dog shelter? They are loud places where lots of animals are jumping, barking and competing for your attention. That’s why the Humane Society of Utah decided to give each dog its individual chance […]


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    This Dance Inspires Millions Of Breast Cancer Survivors

    Have you ever heard of a Pink Glove Dance? Nearly 1,000 operating nurses put on pink gloves and danced their best moves to raise awareness for breast cancer. It’s a heartwarming sight for all to see! Breast Cancer affects families and friends around the world. Events like this help take the taboo off the disease, […]


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    Immigrant Entrepreneurs Achieve The American Dream

    The American Dream is chased by everyone! These Immigrant Entrepreneurs achieved their dreams and share the stories on an inspirational podcast. Kent Trabing is the founder of The Immigrant Entrepreneur Podcasts; and also the Magazine Editor for the Wharton Club of New York. Immigrant Entrepreneur are Podcasts that feature first and second generation immigrants who […]


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    Who Helps The Homeless? It’s A 9-Year-Old Superhero!

    You’ve never met a superhero like this before! You’ve heard of the classics like Superman and Batman… but our favorite would have to be 9-year-old SUPER EWAN! On the fourth Saturday of each month Super Ewan, along with his family and Super Volunteers, goes down to Roosevelt Park in Detroit to distribute food, clothing and […]


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    What TV Shows Are Good For Kids To Watch? Ask Mom 16!

    Watching TV shows have become a favorite down time activity for kids of all ages. As a parent, you worry that your kids are watching appropriate shows. But what is appropriate? Ask this Mom of 16! Lyette Reback, our favorite Mom of 16, knows a thing or two about raising kids. She shares some of […]


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