This Amazing Wedding Day Has Heart And Soul!

    For any woman, one of the most important parts of her wedding day is walking down the aisle with her father. It is one aspect that makes the wedding day such a “special day”. But for Jeni Maenner, her father, Michael Stepien, had passed away. 10 years ago, Michael Stepien was shot and killed in […]



    Tony Goldwyn & Kindness – What If He Was The Real “President?”

    What does kindness mean to you? Virginia Mahoney, one of the founders of the B kind organization, talks to “Scandal” star Tony Goldwyn on what kindness means to him. In this premier episode of HooplaHa’s new B kind series, Goldwyn says “Kindness is about empathizing and connecting with others”. Virginia’s interview with Goldwyn, who plays […]



    Zeno Mountain Farm – A Friendship Community Where Everyone Matters!

    Everyone needs a place where they belong… and that place is Zeno Mountain Farm in VT! Zeno Farm was created in 2008 and is run by Will and Vanessa Halby, and Peter and Ila Halby. At Zeno Mountain they believe that the most important thing in the whole world to us human beings is friendship, […]



    Adam & Jared- After the Viral Flashmob Proposal- A New Real Time Series!

    One very special viral video launched our favorite couple into superstardom! If you did not see our JoyRide Flashmob Marriage Proposal video, Adam Keller, an indoor cycling instructor at JoyRide Cycling Studio, in CT. organized a top-secret choreographed flash mob at the studio to propose to his boyfriend, Jared Marinelli, also a JoyRide instructor. The […]



    Cute Kids Share How To Be Healthy And Fit!

    There is no debating that childhood obesity is a very important issue. But when TV personality and mother of Liam, 10, and Gavin, 7, Marysol Castro, sat down with some adorable preschoolers to see what they know about health, fitness and food, we were delightfully surprised by their hilarious and very candid responses! These kids, […]


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