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    Be Positive: College Kids Dance To Fight Childhood Cancer

    NOVAdance takes place at Villanova University to help support childhood cancer & The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation. This foundation honors the memory of Andrew, a 14-year-old who fought the disease for 167 days and went to Heaven on July 14, 2007. Throughout Andrew’s illness, he inspired thousands of friends and families. His blood type was […]


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    African American Coast Guard Officer Proves Anything is Possible

    Dr. Vince Patton was the first African American Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard; and this all happened by CHANCE. When he was a teen, his dream was to follow his brother’s Navy footsteps. He went to enlist, but walked into the wrong office, and enlisted into the Coast Guard! The rest was […]


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    Are You Concerned About Aging? 3 Girlfriends Share Their Views!

    Aging can be a scary topic. As we grow older, our looks change, our years in life fade! However, if you look at the positive side, aging means we have had the privilege of having many years in this beautiful life! We have experienced amazing things, met incredible people and learned unforgettable lessons. So while […]


pink glove dance breast cancer hooplaha only good news

    This Dance Inspires Millions Of Breast Cancer Survivors

    Have you ever heard of a Pink Glove Dance? Nearly 1,000 operating nurses put on pink gloves and danced their best moves to raise awareness for breast cancer. It’s a heartwarming sight for all to see! Breast Cancer affects families and friends around the world. Events like this help take the taboo off the disease, […]


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    Who Helps The Homeless? It’s A 9-Year-Old Superhero!

    You’ve never met a superhero like this before! You’ve heard of the classics like Superman and Batman… but our favorite would have to be 9-year-old SUPER EWAN! On the fourth Saturday of each month Super Ewan, along with his family and Super Volunteers, goes down to Roosevelt Park in Detroit to distribute food, clothing and […]


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