1. Some high schooler is reading Gatsby for the first time.

2. Someone is working up the courage to ask that guy out for Valentine’s.

3. Some guy is saying, “Yes, I’d love to.”

4. Someone is dancing with her headphones on, looking blissfully ridiculous.

5. Someone just heard his kid say her first word.

6. Someone’s riding in the first car of a roller coaster.

7. Someone just finished a friend’s sentence for the first time.

8. Someone’s farting really loudly in a serious business meeting.

9. Two friends are laughing so hard they forgot why they started (probably a fart joke).


10. Someone’s iPhone looks like this:

Blogging is Overrated

Blogging is Overrated

Blogging is Overrated

11. Somewhere, Beyoncé is existing.

12. At least one person from every religion is praying for happiness.

13. Someone’s probably feasting on one of these gems:

14. Someone got a job that doesn’t involve fast food.

15. Someone accidentally got a kink out of a friend’s back with a hug.